Mastering the craft of visual design is only half the battle. Your success as a visual designer transcends aesthetics. This course for mid- and senior-level visual design professionals will empower you to bring a new level of rigor to your practice, convey the true value of your work to key stakeholders, and position you as a leader. With these skills, your work will help convert customers, create enduring relationships, and grow your business. We’ll teach you Cooper’s time-tested Goal-Directed Visual Design approach, and you’ll apply these learnings to a practice project, to ensure you have them down pat.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Influence product and service strategy
  • Advocate more effectively for your visual design decisions
  • Lead a workshop to generate creative ideas and solutions
  • Conduct research that will anchor your decisions in user goals, environment, and needs
  • Evaluate how visual design impacts the user experience
  • Facilitate useful critique sessions

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

* This class was previously known as Visual Interface Design

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