UX Boot Camp is an opportunity for advanced product or service design professionals to challenge their skills. You’ll work on a focused, real-world project for a non-profit, governmental organization, or B-Corp. You’ll meet organization leaders to understand their goals, conduct user research with actual customers, create design personas, use scenarios to determine a product or service vision, and design high-level solutions. Then, you and your team will pitch your design ideas to your client.

What’s in it for you:

  • Apply your skills to a completely new challenge outside of your domain
  • Advance your interaction techniques under the guidance of industry leaders
  • Energize your practice and make new connections by working on a real-world challenge with peers from around the world
  • Pick up leadership and collaboration skills that will help you better navigate your work environment
  • Surprise yourself with how much you can do in a matter of days!

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

There are no sessions for this course right now. when we schedule new ones.

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