Do you want to motivate prospects, colleagues, executives, and customers? Then tell an awesome and memorable story, rinse, and repeat. How do you find the story that’s unique to you or your brand, and how do you tell it in a way that garners the attention and response it deserves? 

In this full-day workshop, two McSweeney’s presenters will share insights and techniques from literature and publishing that will help you elevate communication and design across a wide variety of professional contexts, from proposals to pitch decks to public presentations. You’ll learn a framework to identify and clarify your core story, and participate in hands-on interactive exercises to share your story in creative and surprising ways. The Art of Storytelling will give you fresh tools to harness the power of narrative, breaking through the static and forming unique bonds with your audience.

You'll walk away knowing: 

  • How to craft persuasive stories for a variety of business contexts and embed them in narratives, objects, and experiences
  • Methods and questions for identifying potential stories in unexpected places
  • Editorial tools to refine and communicate insights to suit your audience
  • Techniques to embed stories in surprising, distinctive formats and contexts
  • Applied exercises to make your storytelling skills stand out in business settings
  • Strategies to manipulate expectations and forge strong emotional connections

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Daniel Levin Becker

Daniel Levin Becker is literary editor of The Believer and a writer, music critic, and translator. His work has appeared in outlets including the Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Point, SF Weekly, Music & Literature, Words Without Borders, BOMB, and Rap Genius. His first book, Many Subtle Channels: In Praise of Potential Literature, was published by Harvard University Press in 2012.

Ted Gioia

Ted Gioia is the Partnerships Director of McSweeney’s. The McSweeney’s Partnerships program seeks ambitious collaborations with brands and organizations who want to make unique creative projects, objects, and experiences. Ted is a critic who writes about the changing role of culture in the digital age. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, VQR, The Believer, and San Francisco magazine, and he co-hosts a podcast on food and language called If You’ll Indulge Me.

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