Kaycee is an Interaction Designer at Cooper where she puts both her MBA and Masters in Human-Computer Interaction to use. Here, she merges a passion for understanding people with the skills for understanding business to create products and services that satisfy both. Prior to joining Cooper, Kaycee worked with several companies in the financial services industry and most recently finished a stint at the Climate Corporation.

When she's not at her computer, Kaycee is a voracious reader and book club creator.  

Her favorite food? Pickles (even fried).

In the past 3 years, Kaycee has created 3 book clubs.

What are her favorite tools? A simple pencil and paper will do anytime.

If you're ever in Kaycee's hometown, Tolono, IL, be sure to check out their first stoplight!

See what Kaycee's been working on.


Advanced Design Research Techniques

Kaycee shares all of her design tricks and tools as a lead teacher in this class.  


Design Jargon, Simplified


UX vs UI

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