Emma is the Associate Director of Product Design at Cooper. Her work at Cooper spans strategy, interaction design, and visual design. From functionality to aesthetics, Emma believes that a truly great digital experience must connect with people in a personally meaningful way. She’s worked with many clients in the education space and contributes to brand positioning for Cooper.

Emma brings more than a decade of experience to the table, freelancing under the wide umbrella of user experience as well as working in-house at startups and small agencies. When not at Cooper, she’s wearing another design hat as the Creative Director at City+County Bicycle Co or taking some time off to read, paint, doodle, drink coffee, and relax in nature.

Has driven across the country 5 times and lived on 3 continents.

Emma is scared of heights but loves adrenalin: she's gone sky diving several times.

Is clearly not a vampire: She could eat garlic for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

An epic traveler, Emma has driven across the country 5 times and lived on 3 continents.

See what Emma's been working on.

Product Design


Emma created an online training center that supports teachers who are integrating technology into their curriculum. 

Product Design

Web Team

Keeping Cooper's website in tip-top shape.


Visual Design Strategy

Emma shares all of her design tricks and tools as a lead teacher in this class.

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