People are at the root of design—they are complex, messy, and so interesting to learn about. The beautiful world of design research is full of various methods for studying people, from ethnographic research to participatory design to user testing. If you’re interested in learning more about research, settle in to explore the stories and experiences of design research here at Cooper.

Katherine Hill, Robin Peter Zander, Apr. 6

Learn More about Non-Verbal: Do Your Own Research

Katherine Hill, Robin Peter Zander, Mar. 30

Designing for the Non-Verbal: A More Active Approach

Katherine Hill, Robin Peter Zander, Mar. 23

Rethinking UX Research: Non-Verbal Clues

Jenea Hayes, Mar. 9

Invest in Brains

Lauren Ruiz, Apr. 28

Bringing Design Research Beyond the Transactional

Lauren Ruiz, Aug. 26

Inside the Empathy Trap

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